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498. The Mercury Witch

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September 22, 2008


Would have been a bit irresponsible of Truth to give Sarah and Dor weapons that could kill people. Especially on an island where magic depends on blood not being spilt, neh?

So much news! First, per request, I did a bit of a tutorial on how CL is made. I hope it may be of use to some.

For those who hate the future hopping. Good news! It's not going to happen again! For those who like the future incarnations, you may need to wait for awhile to see them again. By which I mean, a LONG time.

GASP! WHY?! Because after we're down with this part, we start the Faery War Proper. The Faery war is designed to continue the story with a summary included. This means, I can remove the archives without re-starting Cat Legend (teeedious).

Oh but you like the archives?? Well, I'll still have them available. Don't worry. But what about BING?? No worries! he won't be left out. That would just be silly. More on this when it draws closer (months still).

Moving ON!

The below is a FAN-frickin-TASTIC painting by Varethane. I'm not kidding! It's now my desktop, it's so good.

By Varethane

Also, I'm currently in Georgia for my birthday on Friday. Because I worked SUPER hard, there will be no pause in the comics, but I may be a bit slow in replying to e-mails. It's not that I don't love e-mails, I'll just be on vacation for a bit. ~M

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