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546. Golems

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January 12, 2010


The Caduceus part Deux! Some people mentioned that the double serpent sign on the Doctor's arm is for Mercury or Hermes and NOT for the medical profession. You are right! AND you are wrong.

The double serpent was historically accurate as an inaccuracy. Aint history great? Did I mention that the Romans used it well before the Americans for their military medics? The military used it for a VERY long time for their field doctor's until MUCH later when someone said, "You sods! This doesn't have the same meaning as just the one snake! This means mercury!"

But then, as in most history, everybody said, "Shut up! We've been using it for years and now it DOES have the same meaning. And anyway, it would be too difficult to change the pattern now!"

Example, this is on the back of my license:

(please do not kill me for my organs- I would be sad)

Also, in addition to the last post, here's a military badge, a Registered Nurse Pin and a Really Kick ass statue. I like the statue because it has a nurse's hat with points that represent the seven ancient Hermetic causes of "dis-ease". For more on the statue and some fun caduceus history I have a link HERE.


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