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538. War Prep

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September 4, 2009

The Mad Fae of Forget

Remember Threnody? She's the faery responsible for Dee's lovely black eyes and total loss of memory prior to living at castle Nymndemise. That's right, there's actually a degree of continuity in these 'LEGENDS' stories :D. Threnody first showed up [here]. Threnody's kiss addled many a mind before Dee... although it's unlikely she's bothered anyone else since.

'The Magician' is drawing to its dramatic end! These Cat Legend side-stories are archived on the LEGENDS site, so if you'd like to see the whole story from the beginning, [click here]!


August 30, 2009

The Legend is Back!

Did you miss us? We missed you.

I can't apology enough for the break this summer. Especially since it came out of left field. SORRY! Hopefully we can make it up to you with some comics worth giving fan art for! HINT. Super big, HINT!

The next update will be a departure from Vali and his cohorts. We will be shifting to John Stone for a little bit. It should be terribly entertaining. Emphasis on terribly. I do so love a good bad guy, don't you?

Razz is also coming to the end of the Magician soon, so tune in this Friday for a climatic Legends!


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