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603. Vali and the Wild Dogs

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July 17, 2018

Project Wonderful

A bit late, but not dead.

Speaking of not dead, it's gotten slightly harder to advertise. If you came here from or used Project Wonderful, you may know they've closed shop because life is hard. They were a great way for comics to connect and advertise. Each collective of comics creators, like SpiderForest, are kind of like islands on to themselves in a giant ocean. Project Wonderful was a great way to advertise out there on comic sites you thought might be like yours and perhaps make some money back offering ads yourself.

So, I wanted to offer all of you comic creators, including people from my collective, something. See that zombie master ad there, to the right?

Send me an email at (yes, I'm that old) with the subject "cat-legend link".
1. Include a description of your comic
2. A link to the thing
3. And an image 160 X 600 px

I'll put you up for a week's rotation. Please, no hard R content. More like a hazy PG-13. I can't offer a drove of new fans (it's not 2009 anymore) but I feel like we should do something to bring the islands closer.

Free of Charge.

I'll see you all next Friday.


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